Connecting the Farm and Commercial Sector to Carbon & Sustainability Markets


At Veri6, our mission is to scale the reach and success of agricultural carbon offset and sustainability programs by incorporating the financial power and social motivation of the commercial sector.  By enabling farmers and corporations to more easily participate in sustainability and carbon offset programs, value-driven economics will reward environmentally friendly farm practices and encourage corporations to align their incentives with these good practices.

With 6 billion tons emitted annually, agriculture is the second largest producer of global greenhouse gases behind the energy sector (World Resources Institute, 2014).  With effective programming and participation levels, agriculture can dramatically reduce its environmental impact while still growing its productivity.  The capture and financial trading of certified carbon credits in the carbon offset market is just one method of encouraging these farming practices.  In parallel, the commercial sector can monetarily promote improved farming practices if given an effective financial instrument to reach and engage farmers. 

Veri6 is partnering with universities, carbon registries and exchanges, NGO’s, technology companies, and leading corporations to automate qualification and verification (compliance) processing with patent-pending methods that will dramatically scale the capacity for farmer participation in environmental programming.